+Embi was founded with the aim of offering digital marketing services to SMEs, brands and organizations that need professional management of their online presence. Since 2016 Embi Media conducts research and provides new advertising solutions for the industry combining its background with marketing experts to deliver an exclusive management for your brand.


Turn your visits into contacts 24 hours a day. Drive higher engagement to increase sales across your digital channels.

Our Chatbot simulates the behavior of a real person to obtain the data of your visitors and then be able to contact them.

By activating the notifications when you have an active chat, you can join in real time and answer them on your own. Additionally, our chat tool offers a large number of setting options.

A CRM system will help companies manage new business relationships and store every lead information automatically.

This system will designate contacts to your sales team, sort them by status, schedule calls and add notes among other functions.

Leave us your contact details and an advisor will contact you to advise you on the service of your interest. Ride the DIGITAL Wave!