+Embi was founded with the aim of offering digital marketing services to SMEs, brands and organizations that need professional management of their online presence. Since 2016 Embi Media conducts research and provides new advertising solutions for the industry combining its background with marketing experts to deliver an exclusive management for your brand.


Make your brand naturally become topic of discussion by working with influencers. Their content can be especially relatable to other consumers who might be interested in your brand. They are like your everyday consumers, ordinary people with the ability to market a product, or service online that gets people’s attention and interest on different social platforms.

Micro-influencers (between 2K - 80K followers) have a loyal audience which can help you get your content to their entire audience by sending a more realistic and authentic message creating audience engagement, and creation ability.

Their content is more knowledgeable, passionate, authentic, and viewed as a trusted source of product recommendations than content from celebrities or mega influencers. A study carried out by Experticity shows that 84% of consumers are prone to follow products recommendations that are presented by micro-influencers.

We work with an automation tool, a influencer marketing platform, that manages and plans your social media posts along with this content creators. Make your brand grow along with your business hand in hand with this new format. 

Leave us your contact details and an advisor will contact you to advise you on the service of your interest. Ride the DIGITAL Wave!