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EMBI Private

We have more than 500 direct partners who guarantee the delivery of qualified inventory to any advertiser. We are focused on Partners with high level of organic users, competent design and relevant content


We issue special agreements with our clients in order to deliver specific inventory, under optimum performing bases from any purchase or campaign. We have this alternative available for the spearhead platforms of the market

Campaign optimization and customized assistance

We assign you a specialized Account Manager to achieve a real time improvement on your campaigns performance in order to efficiently achieve the KPI


You have access to our reporting panel to daily follow up your active campaigns. You have also access to different metrics to get a close analysis of each performance


You have unlimited access to desktop, mobile web & InApp inventory though our DSP being capable of segment by audience and users interests. We ensure an immediate implementation of your campaigns and a daily optimization to guarantee the achievement of your goals. We also offer you all the strength of re-targeting and our Premium Inventory


Do you want to know our business opportunities and work with us? Contact us! Send us an email to contact@embi-media.com and we will answer you soon. *Required field