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frequently asked questions

Questions about TAGS

Yes, we work with Responsive layout formats in order to improve ads spaces’ performance and the user experience in mobile and tablets.

We use asynchronous tags so that the loading of ads does not affect the loading speed of the content (first loading the content of the site, then the ads).
We also provide tools and personalized advice for your website to improve its loading speed regardless of the ad load.
These recommendations apply on both desktop and mobile devices.

A website with too many ads does not mean more revenue. The amount of recommended ads depends directly on the amount of content on that page.
It is important to maintain a balance between number of ads and content, in many cases can generate more revenue with fewer ads x page if they are located in positions with a high % of visibility.

It is not advisable to place tags in an iframe. This action prevents the correct reading of the domain by EmbiMedia's SSP'S partners.
Without domain transparency, they will pay much lower prices or even not buy inventory.
If you use the DFP (Ad Manager) adserver it is very important to uncheck the 'SafeFrame' box to allow buyers to access site information.

About Header Bidding

No, the Header Bidding technology is only compatible with a direct implementation in the HTML of the sites.

At EmbiMedia we recommend leaving this type of implementation in the hands of our experts. Do it by yourself, it will generate that we have to review it and delay the process.
The process is quite long and at the slightest error the technology will not work.

This is what you need:
1) Define as a whole the structure of ads within the site.
2) Complete our Publisher form.
3) Add our ads.txt lines to be able to validate the domain in the different exchanges.
4) Send us the accesses to the ftp of the site so that our technical team can carry out the implementation in the established deadlines.
5) Send credentials to the site to see their numbers in our reporting panel.

Questions about other formats

Although it is possible, the change of style makes the performance of the ad lower, so it is not recommended.

The best way to implement the recommended ad widget is to implement the below the content with the Slider format on to maximize revenue.
Another highly recommended implementation is the Feed format with active video ads.

It is important that you inform your account manager if you plan to change the layout of the site. Skin formats are adjusted manually, so any change in the design without notice will cause the site to break.
With previous notice, we can pause the format and make the manual adjustment again when your site is finished.


The ads.txt file is used to authorize the sale of ad inventory of a domain through an advertising platform, such as Google AdSense or an external ad exchange. Its objective is to prevent fraud related to the purchase - sale of advertising space. Implementing this is mandatory to maximize the revenue of your site and not lose investors.

About Billing

At the end of each month, EMBI MEDIA must receive the invoice corresponding to the profit generated by each media in the closed month. 

The amount to be invoiced will be reflected in the platform that EMBI MEDIA makes available to the media for the control of daily activity. 

During the first 5 (five) calendar days of the month, EMBI MEDIA will control the numbers reflected by the activity of the previous month and inform the media of any anomaly. 

Given that the control period corresponds to the first 5 (five) days of the month; the media must send the invoice within the first 5 "working" days of the month to the Finance Department - finance@embi-media.com 

The invoice must contain the basic tax information of the company or natural person responsible for the media. In addition, it must contain the fiscal information corresponding to EMBI MEDIA that will be available for the media in the commercial agreement (IO). 

In all cases, the invoice must be issued in U.S. dollars and in the event that the fiscal entity corresponding to the media issuing the invoice does not allow it, it must include the amount invoiced in the requested currency within the criteria of invoice description and the total of the invoice in the issuing currency.

In the same way, the reference month of the invoice must be detailed. Each invoice must only be associated with a complete period of a calendar month. 

The Finance Department of EMBI MEDIA will be responsible for monitoring the invoice received and informing the media of the estimated date of payment.

Payments will be made net 60 from receipt of each invoice. With the exception of those invoices sent within the period of the first 5 (five) working days after the invoiced month, in this case the payment will be made on the 1st working Friday immediately on the 1st day of the due month. 

Payment will be made by bank transfer or PayPal as determined by the commercial contract (IO). 

The minimum amount for payment via PayPal will be U$D 50 and the maximum amount will be U$D 1,500. 

The minimum amount for payment by bank transfer is U$D 500. 

In case the media does not reach the minimum payment in any of the invoiced periods, the payment will be made net corresponding to the last invoice received that has to be included to reach the minimum payment amount. 

The total amount paid will correspond to the amount reflected in the invoice(s) being referred to in the description of the payment during its execution minus the transfer costs incurred by such payment. 

The Finance Department of EMBI MEDIA will be responsible for checking that there are no irregularities in the commercial agreement at the time of payment execution. The media will be informed about any anomaly.

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