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The technology allows different buyers to access all the ad requests of a site with the same priority.

Get access to the main buyers of Latam market

With Header Bidding technology and EmbiMedia's Know How, the main buyers of our market will auction for your inventory!

The platforms that buy Media (also known as SSP'S), require minimum monthly visits and technical knowledge to be able to work efficiently with a site. They are dedicated to obtaining large volumes of inventory per country, since they focus their efforts on selling Audiences and not sites.

On the other hand, it is important to point out that not all of them have a solid demand in the LatAm market. For this reason, it is important to research them in order to know which ones to work with. 

Embi's partners in Header Bidding: 

We continue working so that there are more and more buyers at your auction.

Improve user experience

Advertisers are increasingly looking to appear on the internet in a number of different formats. However, it is important not to overload websites with ads, as this only cause worse performance and a bad user experience.

At EmbiMedia, we have integrated these formats so that they can be part of the same auction. In this way, we manage to raise the CPM's without affecting the user.

Centralized payment

The SSP'S have different methods and net payment.
Through Embi Media, the payments of all demand points are unified.

Only seller

Having several companies that work with the same demand sources, generates that the domain is sold repeatedly in the same SSP (under other ID ́s). This means loss of value and control over inventory optimization.

If the inventory is sold at a lower price than the advertiser is willing to pay, it is monetized at a lower price. With our Header Bidding solution we guarantee that all your inventory is offered at the right price.

OnScroll - High Viewable Impressions

Advertisers are willing to pay a higher eCPM for impressions with a high percentage of viewability. OnScroll is a complementary technology to Header bidding that detects when the user stops his scroll at a certain point on the site.

When this happens, this technology generates a new ad load by offering that impression at a higher price because of its high % visibility.

Implementation Services

Our Adops Team will take care of all the implementations on your site for free.

How does it work?

An auction is generated in real time where the impression is offered to multiple demand sources guaranteeing the purchase of who is willing to pay the highest price for that impression. It is a solution in which all parties benefit. For the media, more competition between advertisers translates into more revenue. 

For advertisers, the opportunity to increase their reach among the media audience with a high priority means that their ads will be seen by more people. At Embi Media we combine Prebid's Client Side technology with EBDA (Google's Server Side technology) to achieve optimal results and a better user experience.



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