Embi Media :: MonetizaciÛn de Medios DigitalesE

We are focused on digital products monetization and optimization. We achieve our goal by giving a cross device alternative that empowers each product on their different formats.

We supply our knowledge to give advice on content, new formats application, SEO/SEM and user experience. We hold that keeping our clients up to date is the key to success in this dynamic industry.



Damián Ferrara


I outline the website structures, execute optimizations and coordinate the implementation codes to uplift the user´s experience and maximize the advertisement efficiency. I joined the industry back in 2012 as a Media Buyer in IMS and I have created and lead Media Area at Lemmonet.

Ariel Massaccesi


I am entrusted to the supervision of the Media Buying Team, taking care of the negotiation process and the optimization of spaces. I connect our team with the supporting areas. I have more than 5 years experience on media purchasing and leading partners growth in IMS and Harren Media.

Pablo Medina


I am in a continuous search of trending formats and business opportunities to upgrade and boost Embi-Media pursuit. Prior to joining Embi-Media, I gained experience as a media buyer since 2012 and I have served as a Media Manager in D´aririens.

Alan Resnik


I have been working in Sales for more than 3 years, creating bonds with direct partners and Trading Desk through the programmatic platforms deals. I have started my career as a Media Buyer at IMS and I specialized in video advertising at Harren Media.

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