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Insertion to
new products

We constantly work over new products to increase your inventory availability. You can approach to higher budgets and maximize your turnover without affecting direct sales though new monetization tools


We analyze and control your current campaigns to improve their performance and recognize possible failures. This way, we protect your website from inventory loss and detect new business opportunities. We also give advice on content and banners, upload speed and user experience

Access to
new buyers

We provide you access to a bigger advertiser´s network.Maximize your incomes with Exchanges, DSP’s, Programmatic Deals with Agencies and Direct Partners


We give you access to a Dashboard to enable you to monitor your daily income by using different metrics


We have a customer service oriented Tech Support Team to ensure the correct implementation of codes. We also provide you instructions on each format implementation

Google NPM

We are professional in Online Marketing and Advertising. Our consultants are certified in every Google products

Do you want to know our business opportunities and work with us? Contact us! Send us an email to contact@embi-media.com and we will answer you soon. *Required field